Our Mission

iPoetTree’s mission is to inspire a passion for writing through poetry in kids kindergarten to sixth grade. At iPoetTree, we provide a fun curriculum, a supportive environment for kids to share their poems, and even help them become published authors.

About Cassidy

Poetree and cassidy

Cassidy Kao is a 12-year-old author who enjoys writing, dancing, and reading. However, she was not very interested in writing until her mother introduced her to poetry when she was 8 years old. During National Poetry Month (April) of that year, she wrote at least one poem a day and posted each poem as a leaf on what became her “PoetTree.” When her PoetTree became too big to fit on our wall, Cassidy thought it would be fun to publish a book with all of her poems as a way to teach other kids everything she learned about poetry. Her first book is called Roller Coaster: A Kid’s Guide on How to Write Poetry. And her second book is Constellation Exploration, Greek Mythical Stories Retold with Simple Facts and Fun and Mysterious Riddles, which is about constellations with a sprinkle of poems mixed in. Cassidy has since written and published two other books and continued to develop her love of writing.

While writing her books, Cassidy realized how much fun it was to write. But she knew there were lots of kids who didn’t enjoy writing, much like herself before being introduced to poetry. So she made it her mission to inspire young reluctant writers through poetry, so they see that writing can be fun. Two years ago, she developed an original curriculum and started teaching local students in poetry workshops at schools and libraries. She has received much positive feedback about her teaching and her passion for helping kids discover their love of writing. Cassidy created iPoetTree in order to help even more kids see how much fun writing and poetry can really be.